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Gamma Sean

A few years ago, at age 60, I was reluctant to schedule another knee and hip replacement. There MUST be a natural solution that would help me with osteoarthritis pain; something that I could use instead of NSAIDs (which were killing my stomach!). I researched natural alternatives (topical or digestible) so I could eliminate those surgeries - after already having had 3 joint replacements! I found a plant (that has been used to benefit the systems in our body to re-balance for centuries), that has properties to quell inflammation, help ease pain and goes directly to the receptors in my body to correct the unbalanced systems. I created my own Soothing Salve with all natural ingredients and Gamma’s Apothecary was born. I now use the Salve on my sore joints and love to have a teaspoon of infused honey to keep me calm and pain free every day. Try any of our products and if not satisfied, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee to refund your purchase price. 

To your health,

Dianne AKA Gamma, Mom, Grandmother, Lady D

Shannon AKA Mumma, Mumma's Hope Soap